Preparing for Vaginal Bleaching: Shaving


One thing I realized a while back is that I assume most everyone that comes to my site shave, waxes or otherwise grooms their genitals. After receiving some emails I realized this wasn’t always the case. I received a number of emails asking what the skin brightening creams would do to their pubic hair. Turns out, I don’t know. Because I shave and I naively assumed most women do.
But the reality is that there are so many different cultures and so many different people that it was silly of me to assume that we all shave or groom or wax down there.


The reason for this article is that I don’t personally think that it’s a great idea to try to lighten your vaginal skin if it is covered in pubic hair. Not that I think it will harm anything, I just think it would be messy as you would be covering your pubic hair in the skin brightening cream. And it would be a waste of money as any of the cream that doesn’t get absorbed into the skin isn’t going to help with your vaginal bleaching job.

Shaving is quick and inexpensive so that is what I’ll concentrate on in this article. My opinion is that a Brazilian wax does a much better job of grooming than shaving ever will, but realistically most of us will not have the time nor the money to rely solely on a Brazilian wax. So shaving can be used in between waxings or can be the only method you ever use.

Chances are most of you that already have a grooming schedule for your pubic area don’t really need to read this article. But if you are new to the concept of shaving your vagina, there might just be a few tips here for you. And no, I won’t be posting before and after pictures of me shaving my vagina. Mostly because I tend to keep it pretty fresh all the time and don’t really want to let the hair grow back just to shave it off again. You’ll know from experience that it is much easier to keep your vagina shaved regularly rather than letting it grow long and starting over.

I watched a bunch of videos on Youtube to see if maybe the way I shave is different than others. Turns out it’s not. I guess everyone figures it out on there own quick enough. Unfortunately, ‘figuring it out’ usually means there is some pain or at least discomfort involved. So without further adieu, I give you my tips on successfully shaving your vaginal area.

  1. Always try to shave with the grain of the hair – that means downwards. Shaving upwards can be painful but for some people it’s ok. I found shaving upwards left more bumps and greaterchance of ingrown hairs than shaving downwards. Some girls find that once they have been shaving for a long period of time and their skin has become used to it that shaving upwards produces a smoother shave. That hasn’t been my experience but everyone’s skin is different.
  2. Use a good unscented shaving gel when shaving your vagina. DON’T use a bar of soap! Use whatever you want for shaving your legs or even your underarms, but for me, I ‘splurge’ and get a shaving gel that is meant specifically for my bikini area. The first video below in this article has a good suggestion on a shaving gel. Whatever you do, don’t use your boyfriend or husband’s shaving gel. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my vagina smelling like Old Spice!
  3. Use a decent razor. I don’t mean you have to spend $50 on a razor, and even a disposable razor would be fine. But make sure it’s in good shape and cutting the hair, not tearing
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    it. Like in one of the videos below, I use a combination of a larger, slightly more expensive razor along with a little disposable to get into those hard to reach spots.

  4. BE CAREFUL around your vaginal lips. If you’ve been shaving for a while you know this already. If you haven’t shaved much or at all, please heed my warning. How do I know? You know very, very quickly when you’ve made a mistake.
  5. If you are new to shaving, you will get bumps on your skin and you will likely get some redness as well. Don’t worry, that is normal and will go away pretty quickly. Your skin will get used to be shaved and you’ll get less and less bumps or likely none.
  6. Everyone will have a different shaving schedule, dependent on many things such as their rate of hair growth, the time they have for personal grooming, (ahem) pending intimate encounters, etc. There is no set interval to your shaving regimen. You will figure out what is best for you.

Below are a couple of the best videos I found on Youtube on the subject of shaving your vagina (or Pikachu as the one girl calls it!). And as always, feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.