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Vaginal Bleaching tips for intimate whitening

Vaginal bleaching is common, and can be very safe and inexpensive.  We aim to inform you on everything to do with intimate skin lightening including articles, tips and tricks, and the latest reviews on the best skin brightening creams on the market.  Don’t be embarrassed by your desire to look your best.  Vaginal and other intimate bleaching is almost as common as shaving your legs!

We are the number one source for information on intimate skin brightening including vaginal bleaching and anal bleaching.

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Did you know that over a quarter million men and women per year perform anal or vaginal bleaching?

Quick tips for anal bleaching and vaginal bleaching creams

Like almost any subject you try to research on the internet today, you will find conflicting information. This is especially true about intimate whitening creams and treatments for anal bleaching, vaginal bleaching, nipple bleaching, etc.

This site came about years ago now because I was originally interested in lightening the skin around my vagina. I searched and searched and  never found a credible source of information. So I did my due diligence the best I could and decided that I wanted to try an ‘at home’ bleaching method – as opposed to visiting a spa or heaven forbid having a medical procedure done.

Tip #1

Avoid hydroquinone

One thing we talk about on this site over and over and over again is staying away from hydroquinone. It is a bleaching agent that in many countries has been found to be carcinogenic and is banned. It is still available in some products in the US and the claims that at lower doses it is safe for human use.  To me that’s like saying smoking half a pack of cigarettes a day is half as dangerous as smoking a full pack. In my opinion (and yes, it is only my opinion), both are unsafe. So since there are safer alternatives, why chance using a possibly dangerous ingredient on your body. P.S. – This is important and we should have mentioned this earlier but there is NO bleach used in intimate bleaching products!  It is the same as saying ‘whitening’ or ‘lightening’ . The terms are interchangeable.  Don’t ever try to pour bleach on your private parts!

Tip #2

Use a reputable product

While it would be great if you had faith in our research and years of knowledge on the subject of intimate bleaching and chose a product we recommend, if you choose something else that is fine too.  But PLEASE, remember the tips we teach you here.  Don’t use a product with hydroquinone and DON’T buy some cheap knock off product.  Ever heard of Alibaba?  It’s a huge online marketplace with some cheap prices.  A huge amount of the products listed on their site come out of China.  Do you really want to trust something on your most intimate areas when you have no guarantee of what is really in the product?  Spend a couple of dollars more and purchase your vaginal bleaching cream from a reputable US supplier (like the ones we review on this site)

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Tip #3

Be consistent

Whether you are trying anal bleaching, vaginal bleaching, or any other areas of your body, the key to success is consistency. As we explain in this article, you can’t expect to see results overnight. It can take from a couple of weeks to a month or more to start seeing results. By applying the intimate bleaching cream consistently every day or as close to that as possible, you are far more likely to see good results faster.  If your schedule doesn’t allow you to apply the cream – ideally at night before bed – at least five times per week, then you might want to consider holding off until your schedule is more flexible.

What body parts can I bleach? With today’s safe products, you can lighten the skin on virtually any body part.  Common areas that people are concerned about are:

Vaginal bleaching Buttocks bleaching Scrotum bleaching
Anal bleaching Inner thighs Penis bleaching
Nipple bleaching Underarm whitening Freckle lightening